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Easiest way to gift online

Zzan is a global boundless gifting solution that eliminates the time-consuming and unpleasant online gifting experience. Our vision is to make the online gifting experience seamless and memorable so that people can build stronger and long-lasting relationships with their loved ones.

About Zzan

Current online gifting experience in the US market is extremely time-consuming and unpleasant

People have to select a gift, call or text to a recipient, ask for her/his address, explain why, enter the address, place an order, notify the order, ask for status, and then finally can confirm the gifting journey. It takes at least 2 hours 38 minutes to place an order alone.

Zzan eliminates the long process

People just have to select the gift, select the recipient, and purchase. And we make this possible by providing following products: Gift-centered Web App for gift consumers, and One-Click Gift Solution for eCommerce business.

Product Gift-centered Web App

Unlike existing gifting solutions in the US, Zzan provide a borderless gifting platform where consumers can purchase and browse any gifts.
Gift Giving
Gift Receiving

Product One-Click Gift Solution

We aim to help brands lower customer acquisition costs by reaching two new customers at once. We also help increase purchase conversions by providing simple-to-implement plug-in through Shopify, SquareSpace, and WooCommerce extension marketplace.

How We Started

Why Big?

Huge market. Plain and simple.
The total US personal gifts market is approximately $1.18T(한화 ₩1.64경), and the US online personal gifts market is estimated to be $165.2B(한화 ₩2,300조). To put measures into grasp, the total US online holiday season gifting total turnover is approximately $45.5B(한화 ₩63조), and the size of the direct-to-consumer stores’ total turnover is $21.9B(한화 ₩30조). With the average commission fee 10% as our business model, the serviceable market size of gifting solution is $2.18B(한화 ₩3조).
Ease of gifting untaps new opportunities!
In 2017-2021, KakaoGifts in South Korea proves that simpler online gifting methods can grow the gifting market itself. As we watched the growth of KakaoGifts, we expect that ease of gifting makes the pie even bigger. People tried gifting more often after KakaoGifts to congratulate birthday, express appreciation, and cheer others up. Gifting is not seasonal.

Why Now?

The eCommerce market in the US is still growing, even in a rapid pace. The average CAGR of the US retail eCommerce in 5 years is 14.96%. Nevertheless, online shares of total retail sales is only 16.3% yet.
There are competing gifting solution companies like Goody and nate, and they are at Series A round with compelling valuation (Goody: Total Funding Amount $32.1M / nate: Total Funding Amount $47.3M). The market is opened.

Why You?

We're a diverse team of makers, visionaries, leaders, nerds, and creative problem solvers seeking to make a positive impact in people’s relationship through commerce.
We move very fast as a team: designing, building, and releasing a product in two weeks. When we started in August, we already built and operated two products; Fantasy Gifting Survey as a marketing method (gained 1,200 assigned users), and a simple B2B API that delivered simplified gifting experience (We proved our product reduces the order time by 60x times).
The founders have a strong vision to create a positive change and long lasting impact especially for consumers. Arthur has long been searching for ways to provide positive impact through business. He has always been involved in identifying and capturing consumer’s needs as he has previous experience in a social bidding platform called hyp as well as operating a whisky bar. Lucia is a SaaS maker who built 3 B2C/B2B SaaS in just the past year (yes in a single year) who had a strong desire to tackle problems that she can 100% relate to. She deeply empathizes with solving loneliness and building human relationships, and also is a romanticist of surroundings and fun life.

Our Team


Arthur (황태웅) | Co-founder, Business Lead Babson College, Exited Social bidding platform hyp (US) Linkedin | WhiskeyBar
Gift I want: Wine , Golf
Lucia (우영민) | Co-founder, Product Lead Hanyang University, Serial SaaS Maker (B2C/B2B) Linkedin | StudyWoo
Gift I want: Coffee, Books
Jimmy (김민서) | Founding Engineer Seoul National University, ex-ACON 3D R&D Lead Linkedin | Portfolio
Gift I want: Coffee, Food
Julian (Julian Ho) | Software Engineer Part Brandeis University, AWS Software Engineer Linkedin
Gift I want: Food , Wine
Peer reference check from Antler Korea Cohort


Family (With no strings attached) - Flexible yet the closest people in your circle. Work and life co-exists. Members who can share life (activities and events outside of work) together.
Team Culture is not a constitution. It can change and optimized as the team and business grow + external circumstances.
Be honest about what you know and don’t know.
Share weakness and be transparent (weakness in operations and business). Always doing self-evaluation about its performance.
Focus on the goal and target - Don’t dwell on actions and methods in reaching the goal
When stuck, work backwards.
Together: Work, Live, Play
Family like atmosphere.
Positive words of confirmation. “Wow we did it!”, “We can do it”, “We will make it through”
Respect Diversity and Culture
Decision Making
Business/Team oriented. Vision aligned.


We are currently in Seoul, Korea until February of 2023
3 months later, Zzan is going to move the headquarter to Los Angeles, USA


Incorporated in October, 2022.
Backed by Antler.

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 Marketing Operator SNS Performance
Software Engineer Infra Cloud

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