Software Engineer [FE]

About Zzan

Zzan is a global boundless gifting solution that eliminates the time-consuming and unpleasant online gifting experience. Our vision is to make the online gifting experience seamless and memorable so that people can build stronger and long-lasting relationships with their loved ones.
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Product (pre-release, currently working on it)
Backed by Antler at Oct, 2022

About Position

Roles and Responsibilities
Plan and build micro products every 2 weeks that attracts early customers!
Solve problems from Zzan Shop webapp with ownership on each specific tasks but with other engineers/makers.
Improve Zzan Shop’s performance and reliability by building new features or polishing existing parts of the product.
Deploy and operate mini product’s server clusters using Supabase & Vercel.
Build strong personal connections with your teammates and help shape Zzan’s culture.
2+ years experience in front-end engineering. Web/Commerce/Side project experience preferred.
Serverless infra management and operation experience.
Engineering operation & automation experience preferred.
Proficient with Typescript & React.
Understanding of NextJS, postgreSQL.
Fluent business English preferred.

Micro Product Examples


Direct Message +82 10-9251-5081
*Zzan JD 보고 연락했다고 말씀해주세요! 한국어/영어 모두 괜찮습니다.